• Project Designing

    Bestow Interiors believes in that the most important thing is OUR CUSTOMER who gets the top priority as our entire business is shaped by what our customers need and want ∼ whether it’s a school, multinational company office, hospital, home, parks, cultural centers, food places, hotel, housing roject or call center etc.

    Bestow Interiors consist of a team of architects to provide in house design facility, emphasizing in establishing a "hands on" shared authorship with each client results in buildings and interior architecture incorporating unique, innovative design and planning solutions.

    We make it easy for you to design your project, whether you want to remodel an old infrastructure or new construction, you are at a right place aligning organizational incentives, operational procedures and systems to fulfill your dreams.

  • Civil Works

    A key challenge is to improve the quality of project/ design, our professional/experienced staff and engineers carry out the complete execution of civil works, renovation, remodeling and upgrading for the long life of the project.

  • Electrical Installations

    We provide the highest quality of Electrical design and installation to our customers as per the requirement of the project, it includes:

    • Switchgear assembly and installation Data/Voice cabling works
    • Safety Switches and capacitor bank
    • Earthing systems etc

  • HVAC Works

    HVAC service is fundamental for occupancy of any commercial building. This is a vital service that "touches customers" because they are immediately aware of their physical comfort, or its lacking. We provide an ideal and properly designed HVAC services by experts, which gives a comfortable indoor environment and value addition to the project.

  • Interior Furnishing

    Bestow Interiors works with specialized project design teams and local stakeholders to design projects with clear, realistic and measurable development outcomes to improve project quality and effectiveness by providing complete furnishing solutions like

    • Premium quality local furniture on contemporary designs
    • World Class imported furniture

  • Furniture Designing & Production

    Bestow Interiors differentiate ownselves by manufacturing the best space saving furniture and customizing the furniture solutions to fit in project’s space, instead of simply fitting the furniture at available space without any esthetical sense. It takes the pride in having excellent expertise in institutional, office and home furniture, cabinetries and complete wood works including wall paneling, wall units, wooden flooring, etc combining all aspects of design for any project after having complete evaluation of the client’s requirement. It takes care of current and future needs of the project coupled with sustainability and conservation issues to help designers and planner’s requirements.

    Our professional team will deliver and install your office⁄home furniture with a high degree of care to ensure the product is delivered in excellent condition and assembled for maximum performance.
    We have our own factory at 20 KM Multan Road, near Sundar Stop, Lahore and provide our services and products all over the country.

  • Plantation and Landscaping

    We pride ourselves on producing creative landscapes and garden designs that suit the functional needs of our clients. We use traditional landscape design theory (balance, scale, contrast, unity etc) along with our own creative flair, to produce design concepts and plans that match the needs of our clients.
    We also deal in both local and imported plants, as the client desires and provide complete solution to their indoor and outdoor requirements.